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e handcuffed him and had knees on his back and his head. Gra

dead by white

police officers.

s face down. Gray requested medical attention while being tr▓ansported in t

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The fatal shooti

he van but the request was denied. G▓ray lapsed into a coma following the jou

ng occurred wh

en two police of

rney on April 12 an▓d died a week later in a hospital. He died of a severe

ficers were tr

ying to arrest him

spinal cord injury. The incid▓ent sparked large-scale protests in Baltimore.

. Witnesse▓s

said that Clark wa

The protests turned violent on April 27, and Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan dec

s handcuffed w

h▓en he was shot

lared a state of emergency and activated the National Guard. It was the seco

in the head. T

he civil rights or

nd time in six months that a state called out the National Guard to enforc

ga▓nization "

Black Lives Matter

e order after a white police officer killed a black teenager, Michael ▓Brow

" organized protes

n, in Ferguson in 2014. The New York Times said that Gray had become the nation's latest symbol of police brutality in an April ▓28 story

ts in multiple citie

. (edition.cnn.com, April 29, 2015; www.bbc.com, May 5, 2015; baltimore.cbslocal.com, April 27, 2015; www.nytimes.com, April 27 and 28,

s across the count

2015) According to The Washington Post website, police fa▓tally shot 965 people in 2015 as of December 24, 2015, ▓including 36 unarmed Afr

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